Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 19 1.31.17 - 2.6.17


This week we had interviews with President Lee, it was awesome and him and Sister Lee truly are inspired!! I honestly LOVE being a missionary!! This week I gave my first training... I thought it wasn't very good, but everyone else said it was. I gave it on How to be a successful missionary. I got overly excited during different parts and told several stories that have happened thus far on my 4 month missionary experiences. 

We went knocking this week and a random cat started to follow us. Then we knocked on this door and a guy named Caleb answered. We talked to him and taught him to pray and set up a time we could come back and teach him more. He then asked if the cat was ours and when we said no he picked it up and said goodbye to us and went inside his house with the random cat... haha... this week we also saw a cool cat mail box. (Picture  below) 

We also had a lesson with a guy who is in a Rehab facility for drugs... it was really good, he was really nice and said he really needs God in his life. 

We then biked forever away from our house, 5 miles, and gave a family a Bible they ordered... they werent interested in the Book of Mormon, but his neighbor was. All in all it was a very successful and good week!

Sister Warr and I took a ton of random pictures this week... we also had a member in the Ocala 2nd invite to go Zip-lining... it was a ton of fun this morning! He was so nice and paid for us all!

I love y'all and pray all is well!!

Sister Foster

Cat Mailbox!!
We love to bike, Sister Warr is crazy... but I am too...
Bored waiting for the sisters to be done shopping!