Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 28 4.4.17 - 4.10.17

Hey Y'all!!

Not sure where to start for this week, but we had a non normal missionary week. Let's just say there were random approved runs to the store, the hospital, and Sister Wolfley drove for the first time in her missionary life... We didn't die!! Haha... but she did get an aggressive driving mark against her.

Anyways, on to the work of the Lord. We had an amazing spirit filled lesson with our new investigator Trina and she is excited to be baptized on May 20th. She is from the Martial Islands, off of Hawaii, and has two little boys. Their family is so cute and crazy it is so fun, but her boys settled down as we taught the Restoration and when we recited the First Vision the room filled with light. No one said anything for a good 5 minutes, the Holy Ghost was so powerful and Trina said she felt peace and light. Ahhh... I love being a missionary and the power that can be felt as we teach the restored truths to others.

This week I got a really bad migraine after our last district meeting for the transfer. We ended up staying all day at the Ocala 2nd sisters apartment and the next morning we had District workout at the church. We all said bye to each other and that day Sister Wolfley and I were the only missionaries in Ocala for at least 5 hours.... Everyone had to go to transfers except us. We went and visited Less Actives and did some service. 

The next day we had Weekly Planning.... I ended up having to go to the ER though because my migraines have gotten worse and more frequent, not fun.... But all is well, I am still alive and being taken care of. We visited my favorite Recent Convert, Tony Smith, and he told me the reason for my migraines is because I am becoming better than ever, so Satan is attacking me and trying to keep me from being a powerhouse and bringing others unto Christ. Love Tony! 

We had amazing lessons with Sasha and her family. There was a tornado watch and it poured buckets of rain. We, Ocala Sister's, had to go up to the church and I forgot my shoes... We danced in the rain though! I helped Sister Bedwell pack, we had maybe to much fun with clay masks and talked about missionary life.

We had a lesson with Davonta who has a strong desire to be baptized, he knows it will be hard to overcome his obstacles, but he told us he knows it will be worth it! During the lesson though he turned to me and said, "Sister Foster, why are you here? What brought you to Christ?" I was taken back because not just one hour prior I was saying to Sister Wolfley that I don't know why I am still here, I am in pain and just want my family by my side. So when he asked me that I was shocked, and without thinking I said, "That is a good question, let me think about it. I am here because God told me to be here. I am here because I know the Atonement of Jesus Christ can save your life as it has mine...." I bore my testimony to him on things that I had personally been questioning in my life and it wasn't until afterwards that I realized the true meaning behind why I am here.

I am here in the Florida Jacksonville Mission because I have been called to serve, I have been blessed to know this gospel all my life and to now be an instrument in the Lord's hands and share it with those I meet and have the Holy Ghost flow through me is the most comforting feeling ever. Most of all I am here because Jesus Christ has saved my life, and I want to help others save theirs through his Atonement and Redeeming power. He truly is my everything! I am here to give of myself, my full heart, might, mind, and strength so that others can know their loving kind Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for them in their life's. I say that in His name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love y'all! Have a great week! God willin' and the creek don't rise!

Sister Foster

Ocala District.... 
We are pretty serious hard working missionaries!!!
Sister Bedwell and Me 😁❤️
Last District Workout together  
The seminary kids thought they were funny, they blocked us all in... haha...
Us with Sister Dowling, we helped her clean her trailer.
We may be obsessed with Heart attacking people's houses when they miss lessons.
Have no fear, I am still Weird as Weird could be!

Monday, April 3, 2017

Week 27 3.28.17 - 4.3.17

Hey Y'all!!!

This week, oh boy where do I begin? Well a quick run down of our week is.... Monday Pday played a ton of sports and scored a goal while playing soccer. Tuesday we went to some less actives and then I got a huge migraine. Wednesday we drove to St. John's for Zone Conference which was amazing and I got a migraine. Thursday woke up with a migraine and then Weekly planned. Friday Sister Ziegler (member) spontaneously took us to lessons. Saturday and Sunday were General Conference and we slept over at the other sisters to save miles.

We saw a miracle at the gas station one night. We went out to a lesson with Sasha, Jose, and family with Sister Lewis. And I started to get a migraine so we called Sister Cengiz (aka my best friend and our mission nurse) she said to go get some Coke to have caffeine to hep the soon to be migraine. We stopped at the gas station before heading home and as soon as we walked in I was going to bee line it to the soda, when a man said, "Wow! Really God. Haha. Thank You." We were a bit confused, but he asked if we were Mormon. When we said yes he said, "You know I just moved from Utah and I saw yall every where out there. Funny thing is I was just praying to find God. Look! I found you at a gas station. Crazy, what is the message today." We were a bit shocked and looked at one another. Sister Wolfley started to talk and bare her testimony. It immediately felt that we were in a bubble and my headache was gone. We shared a 3 minute message of the Restoration and exchanged information. As soon as we walked away my head was pounding. It is amazing how the Holy Ghost and the Lord work through us, even when we have sicknesses, to testify and bring this glad message of the Restored truths to God's children.

Random Fun Facts:

1) We tossed out 4 mini cupcakes of the car to feed the birds.... Members don't understand that we are trying to eat healthy... they said their mini should be okay.... haha

2) We went out to eat for Sister Bedwell's 3 week long Birthday Bash.... yup, she has been milking that it is her Birthday for 3 weeks now.

3) On Saturday night we slept over at the Ocala 2nd Sisters apartment.... we were surprised President Lee let us. We did some April Fool's jokes on the Elders.

4) We found a spider as big as the palm of my hand in our apartment.... Sister Wolfley screamed and ran to get me to take care of it. Don't worry we put in an Extermination Order.

5) TRANSFER CALL....... WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER FOR 6 MORE WEEKS!!!!!! I think I am more excited about it than Sister Wolfley...


Favorites were:

- Women's Session: Linda K. Burton's on being "Certain Women"

- Saturday Morning: Russell M. Nelson's on Jesus Christ and studying His life and ministry

- Saturday Afternoon: Robert D. Hales on becoming a Disciple of Christ

- Sunday Morning: President Thomas S. Monson's on having a firm testimony of the Book of Mormon and the gospel of Jesus Christ

- Sunday Afternoon: Quentin L. Cook on having Faith and a sure Foundation

They were all amazing and I would love to hear your favorites and thought about any talk from Conference! It was an amazing opportunity to hear the word of God and Jesus Christ through his servants here on the Earth. I know this church is true with every fiber of my being and it is my Everything. Jesus Christ is our Savior and He has restored His church through modern day prophets by the priesthood, so that we can live with our families forever and with God again.

I Love yall and I pray for yall!!

Sister Foster

Me and my little cute adorable friend Capri Ziegler!!
Me... feeling mission blues of only having a year left... Sister Wolfley... feeling homesick...
6 Month Celebration package (LUSH) Sister Wolfley was just excited we were not biking anymore... haha
District Work Out... 5am wake up... 6am work out...
Finally found a good Frozen Yogurt place!
My Little Wolfling! ❤️

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 26 3.21.17 - 3.27.17

Hey Y'all

So as you can tell this Tuesday I hit my 6 month mark and each time I think of it or say it or type it I start to cry. Being a missionary is such a privilege and a blessing!! I am savoring every moment.

This week we strived every second of every day to be obedient. We found mighty and mini miracles from it. Were we perfect at being obedient? No, but we talked it through and fixed where we went wrong and did better the next time or day. I feel like this week was my most rewarding week so far on my mission and I know it is because we strove to be obedient to the Lord's time and his errand for us in Ocala 1st. We saw over 40 miracles this week.

Here are just two....

On Tuesday as we were planning our day, we had realized we had a lesson with our bishop at Wandelyn's (less active) house that evening and we needed to take our car in to get fixed so we didn't have a ride. We had plans of a member (Sister Lewis) to come out with us who is also less active and we prayed and asked her if she could come out with us earlier. When she said yes we both felt the spirit and knew it was going to be a great evening. At the lesson the two less active women talked openly with one another and lifted each other up and we
shared powerful testimonies with her on the atonement and the restored truths of the gospel. The spirit in that lesson was overwhelming and loving. Afterwards the less active we took with us talked with our bishop and as she was driving us home she told us if we ever need a ride or her to come with us, she would be happy to. We had found our 'Amulek'.

On Monday we got a member referral from Brother Sheilds in Williaston and had a lesson with Heather on Thursday with Sister Ziegler. Heather was so prepared to hear our message. We taught her a little bit of the Restoration and she asked us questions that we could easily answer with scriptures. We invited her to the Women's General Conference Broadcast and then the member we took invited her to church and offered them all a ride. She came to the broadcast and said that it was an interesting experience because at times it seemed like they were talking to her directly, we explained how that is the Holy Ghost. She and her kids, Hailey... Damion... Adalina... then came to church with Sister Ziegler on Sunday and she then invited them all over for dinner tonight with us and Sister Crawford invited them all over for Saturday General Conference. I saw her and her kids in white, I will never forget that experience.

Random Fun Facts:

- We helped my favorite recent converts, Tony Smith, rake his leaves... aka pile them along his house? 🤔 then he gave us a referral!!

- We almost didn't have a car for two weeks due to previous nameless sister missionaries who never reported damages done to the car. But we got took it in Tuesday and got it back on Thursday.

- We have new comfort food of Grilled Cheese with Dill pickles in them!! 😋

- I started off the week making enchiladas for the District... then made sunshine grilled cheese (GC with dill pickles) and other delicious foods for my comp... then made a cake for the RS event/Women's Broadcast...

- I am allergic to Florida..... 😷🤒🤕🤧

Love y'all!!!
Sister Foster

Walked 2 hours in the sun home....
Our Elders saved us while biking and brought us water and pumped up our tires... how many elders dose it take to pump up already pumped us tires? Haha
Tan Lines forever!!!
Sister Wolfley is white and burns... this is how she recovers! Don't worry we bought sunscreen today!
Grilled Cheese!!
Celebrated getting our car back!!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 25 3.14.17 - 3.20.17

Hey Y'all!!

This week was great, we had a ton of curve balls... everything from a random sports night with a bunch of teenage baseball players....surprise lesson with an AP.... Great interview with President Lee....Random service projects and bonfire with the district....ended up burning my hand.... had a bike injury and cut the front of my leg....being volunteered to make our entire district enchiladas today....I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!

7 fun facts about my week:

1. We had one investigator in church this week.

2. I finally broke through to one of my favorite investigators when talking about the Atonement and sharing Alma 7:11-12 with him. He has a baptism date for May 6th.

3. We had a spontaneous Chastity lesson with our investigators cause we got the couple alone... they have a baptism date set for April 29th.

4. Sister Wolfley tried gritz this week at an Ocala original restaurant called Mojo's. They were super yummy!

5. We visited a less active we are working with and she asked me to be the proxy for her daughter when she gets sealed to her in the temple next year.

6. Sister Wolfley and I danced in a rain storm!!! And we made grilled cheese with dill pickles in them.... Super good!! Highly recommend them!!!

7. We went to IHOP after district morning exercise!!

I love y'all and pray for y'all!!!

Sister Foster

❤️ Heart Attacking People ❤️
Ocala Sisters going to work out!
Me and my little Wolfling... she calls me her Foster Mama
My Favorite Socks.... and cut....
District Enchiladas!!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 24 3.7.17 - 3.13.17

Hey Y'all!!!

This week has been great, we have worked hard and strived to be exactly obedient. We saw the blessings by doing so. Sister Wolfley is seriously amazing. Training is hard though, but I get on my knees each day and pray for the enabling power of the Atonement to wash over me and be my guide not only as I train her, but as each morning as we step out of our apartment and immediately enter the mission field.

We decided to walk one day instead of bike. By doing so we were immediately able to meet Tim. Tim is our neighbor upstairs and he has always seen the missionaries, just no one has ever stopped to talk to him. We gave him our information and shared a brief message. Last week he came to church without us even teaching him anything. This week we had two lessons with him and he has been reading the Book of Mormon.

This week we were able to teach two families, less-actives, lost sheep, and referrals. One of the families we are teaching, we have been teaching for a while now. We just set a baptism date with them for April 29th. The only thing they need is to come to church and truly feel the converting power of the Holy Ghost. We are excited! 

We also were able to continue to teach and help some less-actives and work with them to come to church. We were able to have one there this Sunday and she is coming back slowly, but knows it is where she needs to be each Sunday. She even told us afterwards how when she was there she was able to realize that she really needed to quite smoking. 

The Holy Ghost really burns through us as we come to church. This week we were able to visit Sister Warr and I found last transfer. She invited us and our member into her home and we meet her daughter who has some handicaps, but is the sweetest. 

Wandelyn is struggling to accept that her son is gay and feels she can not come to church because of it. Both Sister Wolfley and I were prompted to share a conference talk with her called, The Master Healer, and she cried. She was so touched and wants us to bring our Bishop by this week so she can talk with him more.

One more quick miracle about a referral we contacted this week. We got a referral last week when I was sick and Sister Wolfley contacted her and set up a time to meet. Her name is Aretha and she had requested a Book of Mormon. We went by this week and gave her one and shared with her our testimonies and message we share with others. We asked her why she wanted a Book of Mormon. She went on to tell us how her mother had one that she would always read from and when Aretha saw that she could get one for free she was excited. We found out that her mother was never a member, but knew the Book of Mormon was the word of God and an other testament of Jesus Christ. Aretha wants us to come back and share more with her.

Oh yeah also this week we had Zone Meeting and we were asked to sing... the day before.... we sang How Great Thou Art and Sister Pennock, a sister in our zone, sung too.

This week has been great and very tiring, but every second it is worth it. I love tough things, I am the first to do tough things, I do tough things first, I LOVE being a Missionary. The Florida Jacksonville Mission is were I am needed to be at this time, and in this place.

Sister Foster

Sister Wolfley and I with our investigator Modesto!!
Me and My Wolfling
Us being weird
TRADEOFFS ft. Sister Olsen
TRADEOFFS ft. Sister Olsen
Sister Wolfley and Me
The Dream Team Trio Life! (Me, Sister Wolfley, &a Sister Pennock)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 23 2.28.17 - 3.6.17

Hey Y'all!!!

This week was great!! My studies were focused on the Book of Mormon and PMG, I know that this gospel is true and brings happiness in to my life. I know that by reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church we are blessed in our life's and that God truly loves us. My favorite thing that I said this week was, "If you want to talk to God, get on your knees. If you want God to answer you, open your scriptures. If you want to feel Gods love for you, go to church."

7 Fun facts from this week:

1. We lost our phone..... while biking.... fun....

2. got asked if we were Jehovah Witnesses a lot haha... and hit on by several drunk men.... ugh...

3. We got offered weed.... the someone told us that they were high (right after we met them) and not ready to learn about the gospel because they were not ready to quit. We still give her a card.

4. We had 2 investigators come to church with us this week, and one of them was our next door neighbor.

5. We had many tender mercies this week: taught 6 new people, got fed spontaneously by members, got haircuts, and my favorite was getting the opportunity to say a prayer with a man we just walked by whose daughter is having brain surgery and he just opened up to us. It was crazy awesome cause we had a lesson and then realized we didn't remember where are bikes were... so we walked around the whole apartment complex again and walked by and said hi to him. He then asked us after the prayer and exchanging of our info why we were there walking around, when we told him we couldn't find out bikes, he laughed and said well they are around the corner... it's crazy how God works and how his timing works!!

6. Sister Wolfley and I do a video journal every night but your going to have to wait 12 months to watch them because we cannot send videos.... oh and when Sister Wolfley told me I only have 12 months left I broke down crying... 😞 Needless to say, I LOVE my mission and this time I have to serve the Lord. These last, almost, 6 months have been the best ever!! ❤️

7. Chocolate ice cream got us through this week. We will eat any kind of ice cream because we do not discriminate!!!!

I am honestly loving Sister Wolfley and all of her crazy goodness and excitement for the work!! I Love missionary life! I hope y'all have a great week and continue to enjoy life and all the curveballs it throws at you!!

Sister Foster

Got the Package
Emoji Masks!!! 😂😂
Study Time with my favorite trainee.
Ocala Zone!!
Got caught in a rain storm... it called for a picture!
Got a tract from a random lady!! 👍🏼
Me and my bud Eli Thompson! I asked him to do a crazy face and he knew exactly what to do.