Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 24 3.7.17 - 3.13.17

Hey Y'all!!!

This week has been great, we have worked hard and strived to be exactly obedient. We saw the blessings by doing so. Sister Wolfley is seriously amazing. Training is hard though, but I get on my knees each day and pray for the enabling power of the Atonement to wash over me and be my guide not only as I train her, but as each morning as we step out of our apartment and immediately enter the mission field.

We decided to walk one day instead of bike. By doing so we were immediately able to meet Tim. Tim is our neighbor upstairs and he has always seen the missionaries, just no one has ever stopped to talk to him. We gave him our information and shared a brief message. Last week he came to church without us even teaching him anything. This week we had two lessons with him and he has been reading the Book of Mormon.

This week we were able to teach two families, less-actives, lost sheep, and referrals. One of the families we are teaching, we have been teaching for a while now. We just set a baptism date with them for April 29th. The only thing they need is to come to church and truly feel the converting power of the Holy Ghost. We are excited! 

We also were able to continue to teach and help some less-actives and work with them to come to church. We were able to have one there this Sunday and she is coming back slowly, but knows it is where she needs to be each Sunday. She even told us afterwards how when she was there she was able to realize that she really needed to quite smoking. 

The Holy Ghost really burns through us as we come to church. This week we were able to visit Sister Warr and I found last transfer. She invited us and our member into her home and we meet her daughter who has some handicaps, but is the sweetest. 

Wandelyn is struggling to accept that her son is gay and feels she can not come to church because of it. Both Sister Wolfley and I were prompted to share a conference talk with her called, The Master Healer, and she cried. She was so touched and wants us to bring our Bishop by this week so she can talk with him more.

One more quick miracle about a referral we contacted this week. We got a referral last week when I was sick and Sister Wolfley contacted her and set up a time to meet. Her name is Aretha and she had requested a Book of Mormon. We went by this week and gave her one and shared with her our testimonies and message we share with others. We asked her why she wanted a Book of Mormon. She went on to tell us how her mother had one that she would always read from and when Aretha saw that she could get one for free she was excited. We found out that her mother was never a member, but knew the Book of Mormon was the word of God and an other testament of Jesus Christ. Aretha wants us to come back and share more with her.

Oh yeah also this week we had Zone Meeting and we were asked to sing... the day before.... we sang How Great Thou Art and Sister Pennock, a sister in our zone, sung too.

This week has been great and very tiring, but every second it is worth it. I love tough things, I am the first to do tough things, I do tough things first, I LOVE being a Missionary. The Florida Jacksonville Mission is were I am needed to be at this time, and in this place.

Sister Foster

Sister Wolfley and I with our investigator Modesto!!
Me and My Wolfling
Us being weird
TRADEOFFS ft. Sister Olsen
TRADEOFFS ft. Sister Olsen
Sister Wolfley and Me
The Dream Team Trio Life! (Me, Sister Wolfley, &a Sister Pennock)

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