Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 26 3.21.17 - 3.27.17

Hey Y'all

So as you can tell this Tuesday I hit my 6 month mark and each time I think of it or say it or type it I start to cry. Being a missionary is such a privilege and a blessing!! I am savoring every moment.

This week we strived every second of every day to be obedient. We found mighty and mini miracles from it. Were we perfect at being obedient? No, but we talked it through and fixed where we went wrong and did better the next time or day. I feel like this week was my most rewarding week so far on my mission and I know it is because we strove to be obedient to the Lord's time and his errand for us in Ocala 1st. We saw over 40 miracles this week.

Here are just two....

On Tuesday as we were planning our day, we had realized we had a lesson with our bishop at Wandelyn's (less active) house that evening and we needed to take our car in to get fixed so we didn't have a ride. We had plans of a member (Sister Lewis) to come out with us who is also less active and we prayed and asked her if she could come out with us earlier. When she said yes we both felt the spirit and knew it was going to be a great evening. At the lesson the two less active women talked openly with one another and lifted each other up and we
shared powerful testimonies with her on the atonement and the restored truths of the gospel. The spirit in that lesson was overwhelming and loving. Afterwards the less active we took with us talked with our bishop and as she was driving us home she told us if we ever need a ride or her to come with us, she would be happy to. We had found our 'Amulek'.

On Monday we got a member referral from Brother Sheilds in Williaston and had a lesson with Heather on Thursday with Sister Ziegler. Heather was so prepared to hear our message. We taught her a little bit of the Restoration and she asked us questions that we could easily answer with scriptures. We invited her to the Women's General Conference Broadcast and then the member we took invited her to church and offered them all a ride. She came to the broadcast and said that it was an interesting experience because at times it seemed like they were talking to her directly, we explained how that is the Holy Ghost. She and her kids, Hailey... Damion... Adalina... then came to church with Sister Ziegler on Sunday and she then invited them all over for dinner tonight with us and Sister Crawford invited them all over for Saturday General Conference. I saw her and her kids in white, I will never forget that experience.

Random Fun Facts:

- We helped my favorite recent converts, Tony Smith, rake his leaves... aka pile them along his house? 🤔 then he gave us a referral!!

- We almost didn't have a car for two weeks due to previous nameless sister missionaries who never reported damages done to the car. But we got took it in Tuesday and got it back on Thursday.

- We have new comfort food of Grilled Cheese with Dill pickles in them!! 😋

- I started off the week making enchiladas for the District... then made sunshine grilled cheese (GC with dill pickles) and other delicious foods for my comp... then made a cake for the RS event/Women's Broadcast...

- I am allergic to Florida..... 😷🤒🤕🤧

Love y'all!!!
Sister Foster

Walked 2 hours in the sun home....
Our Elders saved us while biking and brought us water and pumped up our tires... how many elders dose it take to pump up already pumped us tires? Haha
Tan Lines forever!!!
Sister Wolfley is white and burns... this is how she recovers! Don't worry we bought sunscreen today!
Grilled Cheese!!
Celebrated getting our car back!!

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